Friday, June 17, 2011

34 wks of pregnancy

Well, I guess the hopes of my last post SHOWING up is just a dream.  I'm SO angry it disappeared....OH WELL.

SO I'm 34.5 wks.  I'm SO big that have been told not only by several nurses from my Dr.'s office AND L&D nurses AND my own DOCTOR, they don't think my poor belly will stretch anymore!  I have swelling now in my feet and ankles, something I never had with the girls along with pitting edema. I have swelling AND the pitting edema on my lower stomach....EWWWWWW and my face gets puffy. Needless to say I'm DONE.

The babies are measuring 5.11 and 6.11 as of last week.  Let's hope they are OFF a whole lb each.  Although let me tell you, I feel like I have over 11 lbs of baby sitting in front of my body.  My back is killing me.  Something again, I never had while carrying the girls.  My own DOCTORS say they would never want to carry multiples, especially after already having singleton pregnancies.  THAT is when you know you are in trouble!

I'm SO thankful, as usual, for Jimmy.  He's FINALLY on DAY SHIFT!!!!!  He's home at night!!!!  He gets up with G, he wakes up in the morning and she wakes up and has amazing conversations with her Daddy!  I LOVE laying in bed listening to them!  He comes home around 4:30, plays with them, cooks dinner, cleans up, gives baths and puts them to bed.....he's truly FATHER OF THE YEAR.

Oh a few weeks ago I also found out I have gallstones....which was why I was having so much chest and back pain...ugh, hopefully they won't cause problems after my c-section, but I'm thinking I'll have to have my gallbladder out at some point. Of course, it'll be in my spare time!

Well, it's time for me to lay down. I get lightheaded when I sit up and lean back on the couch too long.