Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 31 2014....Today is the one year anniversary of my father in law's death.

Tomorrow, I will start my journey once again to Washington State. My dad's cancer has once again metastasized into his liver. We've been so lucky to have him live this long, 7 months since the first bone metastasis. There is nothing else they can do. His squamous cell carcinoma has spread from all over his skin, to his bones and now his liver, this has been something the medical field has been astounded by. Even if they had the time to identify the molecular growth factors of the cancer cells then find out which medication could help him, it's highly unlikely they would ever find one.  It's really time to say goodbye...this sucks.  I'll be flying Friday morning, meeting my sister and my mom, we will figure the best hospice care for my dear dad to make him the most comfortable. I can only stay one week...I wish I could stay until the end.