Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kids & Pregnancy

Run Stella Run
So my sweetheart Stella came off the bus Friday with her 1st place trophy!  She mentioned she wanted a trophy, and I as most mothers said, "Ok honey, sure" not really *thinking* she'd ACTUALLY win the trophy!!!  Now, I'm pretty sure it's just for her grade, but she originally told me she wanted to run 10 laps, and AGAIN, I said "Ok, honey Sure"  WELL.....14 laps later!!!!  I just can't believe it!  She's AMAZING!

She helped raise over $500 for her school!  I just can't believe ALL of the support she received!  THANKS BUNCHES to everyone!!!

The defiance of this 2 yr old AMAZES me.  The screaming and throwing and just plain yells of "NOOOOOO."   UGH UGH UGH
Now I know we all think our children are smart/above their peers etc....but I swear in certain aspects she really is! LOL.  It amazes me how she's able to manipulate and get her way.  Now yes, I DO give in at times.  She's dealing with the loss of the binky and has replaced it with the comfort of her bed, watching freakin Dora on her DVD player and cuddling with her animals and occasional 'baba' (bottle). But as I speak to her OT, we are just picking our battles.  Her anxiety levels increase drastically at times of distress. It's such a difficult thing to watch and deal with.  I'm hoping in the next week to get her back into seeing her therapist.

PREGNANCY with twins
Let me first say, I figured this pregnancy would be well, different. BUT never in my LIFE would I think I would be in as much pain as I am.  Feeling like you've been hit between the legs with a baseball bat 24/7 is just UN-FREAKIN REAL.
The exhaustion as well is just ridiculous.  I often find myself saying, "I don't know why I'm so tired"  UGH. I guess when you have double the amount of blood, 2 little bodies leaching everything out of you AND the inability to can get tired more often.  BUT I just feel so guilty.  Jimmy sleeps about 6 hrs a day and  then takes care of all of us PLUS cleans up the kitchen every night then goes to work at 11:30.....What a SAINT.  I am SO LUCKY.

This weekend
This was a nice low key weekend. We bought the new Harry Potter and watched it Friday night. At what point will WE (Jimmy & I) be able to watch a movie without stopping it 10 times?!?!  (Last week we watched The Bourne Ultimatum and I kid you not, it took us over 4 hours to watch it!!!!)
We went grocery shopping, I went to Michael's to finish up buying Easter basket trinkets and bought gasoline....I know, my life is SO EXCITING! LOL

This week I have an OB appt. and Stella has a half day Wednesday for the start of Easter vacation....WOW, Easter....I bought my ham today.....guess I should figure out the rest of my menu.....