Thursday, April 14, 2011

Testing pictures and more

I'm trying to figure all this out.  I'm so lame when it comes to this and all the 'foreign' computer language.  This is a picture I took in the car waiting for the bus to pick up Stella a few weeks ago.

So Stella had her performance the other night and was just my shining little star!  She sang, danced and played the bells very well!  It's SO hard to believe her Kindergarten year is coming to a close in just a short time.  

Do any other parents feel old enough to have these little school age kids!?!?  I still feel I'm in high school at times. I mean, I'm going to be 33 this year! WOW!  40 is just around the corner!  My mom was 40 for EVER my head!

Have you seen those T-shirts that say "who are all these kids and why are they calling me mom?" Yea, I totally live that now! I look around at the little house we rent and think all the time, all this crap is ours! OMGosh!  I cook, I clean, I do laundry......HOW DID I GET HERE?!?!?!  

I've been in a LOT of pain as I get bigger and these boys take over more and more. I've really been unable to do most things this week, and it's KILLING me.  I HATE, HATE how my house looks right now.  I've had such a handle on the toys, the papers on the table, the dishes, the laundry...but seriously in just 4 days it's gone to HELL.  I'm AMAZED at how G can destroy a room so quickly.  I can't bend over and just pick stuff up, it hurts and just not a pretty sight.  I've even stopped trying to reach into the washing machine to take out the wet clothes....I physically can't do it without hurting myself.

I've been attempting to follow the FLY LADY. Not religiously, I just wanted to get a start on how to handle everything.  I've wanted a schedule, but have had a difficult time making one on my own.  I LOVE her.  I love the constant reminder that you are NOT BEHIND and that the mess didn't get there in one day, so how are you going to clean it all up in one day.  I've been keeping my bathrooms fairly cleaned, again I do what I can without hurting myself and my kitchen has been amazing with the help of my wonderful husband.  Speaking of Jimmy,  I mentioned to him how keeping the kitchen sink clean and clear of dishes all the time brings peace to me as well as keeping the clutter at bay....OMG, he's TOTALLY a rock star.  He cleans the dishes in the sink every night so when I wake up in the morning it's EMPTY.  I'm SO lucky, he's such a hard worker and helps SO much at home and with the girls.  

OK....I better go do something productive and fold my laundry in the dryer.....MUST keep on top of it!